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Children’s sedation suite

Why choose Toothbeary for your child’s sedation?

Pediatric sedation suite in London

Toothbeary team are very proud of being the first (and currently the only) practice in the UK to receive official recognition from the IACSD (Intercollegiate Advisory Committee for Sedation in Dentistry), to fulfil all the requirements that enable us to provide advanced sedation to children under the age of twelve.

The committee sets the standards and guidelines for sedation procedures in dentistry throughout the whole of the UK. They have concluded that dental treatment under I.V sedation for any child younger than twelve, can only be given by dentists and anaesthetists who have the appropriate training and experience to do so, and within a recognised and adequately equipped facility.

Our sedation suite

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Toothbeary's sedation suite

Benefits for the young patients

Intravenous (I.V) sedation is a powerful alternative to general anaesthetic for potentially unpleasant dental and surgical procedures, especially in very young and, or nervous patients. During I.V sedation, drugs are given through a patient’s vein to make them feel less anxious and more relaxed. It will make them drowsy, less aware of what is happening and with few (if any) memories of what has happened to them during their treatment.

It does not make them unconscious as is the case with a general anaesthetic. Patients are still able to breathe normally and unassisted during I.V sedation, and are also able to cough and clear their throats, which is why it is such a safe form of anaesthetic.

The treatment will also be pain free due to the addition of local anaesthetics, which is much easier to inject under sedation. Recovery from sedation is normally much faster and easier compared to general anaesthesia with far fewer side-effects. It also has the advantage of not requiring admission to a hospital, which is the only environment where a general anaesthetic can be given safely.

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Our pediatric sedation team

Dr Will Botha

Dr Will Botha

Sedation practitioner
GMC No 6082094

Samantha Goodge

Sedation nurse
NMC registered

Nicola Flint

Sedation nurse
NMC registered

Conditions that are helped with the use of sedation

Sedation is especially helpful for very nervous and anxious patients, including dental phobia. These fears and anxieties may be due to a previous bad experience, or sometimes due to the child’s young age. Sedation can also be helpful in conditions that lead to more challenging behaviour and ability to comply or cope with dental treatment, like autism spectrum disorder, learning difficulties, and ADHD.

Some patients might suffer with a strong gag reflex, very often made worse by anxiety and fear. Sedation can be highly effective in overcoming this problem. Occasionally patients report that they can never get completely pain-free when given a local anaesthetic alone, or that it doesn’t work for them.

With the help of sedation, local anaesthetic can be given much more effectively and easily, and that leads to much higher success rates.

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Children's dental sedation review from Google Business

“They have been wonderful from a-z in doing a tooth extraction for our son under sedation. They really calmed our son’s nerves! They were so friendly! And did a brilliant job of extracting and inserting a temporary filler for him, as well as doing extra precautionary things! They have even followed up with us after two weeks! Absolutely recommend!”

Child and parent satisfaction is very important to us

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Positive Experience

Our unique approach to treating your child is designed around building trust and confidence through positive experiences so we can promote and reinforce good oral hygiene habits whilst instilling the need to care for their own teeth.

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