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Childrens dental Inhalation sedation

Children’s inhalation sedation

Why choose Toothbeary for your child’s sedation?

Inhalation sedation for children in London

If you are looking for safe and effective dental inhalation sedation for children in London, then our expert sedation team can help your child relax. We are a multi-award winning children’s dentist in Richmond / Twickenham, Greater London.

Toothbeary offers inhalation sedation to help your child to relax during dental treatment. Inhalation sedation involves the use of a nitrous oxide and oxygen mixture (Laughing Gas), which is delivered through a little nasal mask, reduces the sense of pain and increases the acceptance of treatment, including for example the administration of local anaesthesia.

Our dental team is skillfully backed up by our sedation expert, Dr Will Botha (General Medical Council No: 6082094), who has been involved in medical sedation since 2005.

Inhalation sedation is very safe, has no side effects and your child remains fully conscious and responsive during the treatment.

Children's dental sedation costs

To keep this treatment affordable, we ensure our prices are highly competitive compared to other specialist paediatric dentists in London, we even offer 0% Interest Free credit to help spread the cost.

Treatment Cost
Inhalation sedation

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Children's sedation team

Dr Will Botha

Dr Will Botha

Sedation practitioner – GMC No 6082094

Our gentle & caring sedation team at Toothbeary is led by our sedation expert Dr Will Botha.

Will has over 17 years experience in medical sedation. Originally from South Africa, Will qualified as a medical doctor at the University Of Pretoria, South Africa in 2001. He moved to the United Kingdom in 2003 and has been involved in medical sedation since 2005.

Kids consious sedation review via Google My Business

Highly recommend Toothbeary – very friendly and welcoming staff. This is the best children dentistry I have ever been to. My 4 year old son had a sedation there yesterday and it was the best option as he feels very well today. Great service, personnel and atmosphere. Toothbeary is the best dental site for kids. Thank you Toothbeary!

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Child and parent satisfaction is very important to us

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Positive Experience

Our unique approach to treating your child is designed around building trust and confidence through positive experiences so we can promote and reinforce good oral hygiene habits whilst instilling the need to care for their own teeth.

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