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Why choose Toothbeary for your teens dentistry?

What are the benefits of a healthy smile?

When interacting with new people and forming friendships, a beautiful and healthy smile is essential. Additionally, it can increase your self-esteem and confidence. You could develop conditions that would lower your self-esteem if you don’t take good care of your teeth and gums. This can include bad breath, stained teeth, tooth decay, gum disease, tooth loss and or dental erosion.

Therefore, maintaining oral health as a Teen is super important!

Oral health maintenance tips for teens:

Toothbeary's top tip for teens:

Oral health maintenance for Teens
Oral health for Teens

How can I protect my teeth whilst playing sports?

When engaging and participating in any sporting activity that includes contact with moving or stationary objects, it’s advisable to wear a professionally made mouthguard. Teenagers can avoid fracturing and damaging their teeth, as well as breaking or dislocating their jaw, with a custom-made mouthguard.

Please enquire today about sports mouthguards with our dental team at Toothbeary. It will give you peace of mind knowing you have the correct protection.

Teenage braces

Many teenagers do not like the way their teeth bite together or how they are positioned. For better function and aesthetics, teeth can be moved and straightened with braces. Sometimes, braces are required for medical reasons but during the time braces are worn, teenagers must keep their teeth clean and care for their braces.

There are various orthodontic appliances available from fixed braces to removable aligners. Our dental hygienists can advise teenagers on how to care for their teeth and gums during the course of their teeth straightening treatment.

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Teenager dental team

Team Nicole

Dr Nicole Sturzenbaum

Principal dentist and director – GDC No 103947

Our teenagers cosmetic bonding team includes our highly skilled and well respected principal dentist and director, Dr Nicole Sturzenbaum, who has over 24 years experience dedicated to making a positive impact on children’s and teenagers dentistry.

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“Warm and friendly practise. All the staff know how to interact with children and put them at ease which makes the whole dental experience a positive one for the child. Excellent hygiene and covid safety measures.”

Our leading and most trusted children’s referral practice in London


Child and parent satisfaction is very important to us

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Positive Experience

Our unique approach to treating your child is designed around building trust and confidence through positive experiences so we can promote and reinforce good oral hygiene habits whilst instilling the need to care for their own teeth.

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