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Teenager fixed braces

Why choose Toothbeary for your teens fixed brace treatment?

Teenager Orthodontist in London

If you’re looking for an expert specialist teenager orthodontist in London offering top quality braces for teens at fantastic prices, then we can help.

At Toothbeary we provide a five star service and the best orthodontic treatments for teenagers in London, using state of the art technology.

Our expert teenager orthodontics team includes a highly skilled specialist orthodontist Dr Nadia Hikmat (GDC No: 177467), who has over 13 years of orthodontic experience and was mentored early in her career by one of the UK’s leading orthodontists.

All of our highly experienced orthodontists are members of the General Dental Council (GDC) and our practice is regulated and monitored by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), so you can rest assured your teen is in safe hands here at Toothbeary dental practice.

Fixed braces

Many teenagers opt for fixed braces in order to straighten their teeth. Fixed braces are also known as traditional braces or “train tracks”. They are usually made of metal or ceramic brackets and wires that are glued or bonded to the teeth. The brackets and wires work together to move the teeth into the correct position.

Fixed braces are usually worn for 12 to 24 months, depending on the severity of the case. After treatment is completed, patients will need to wear a retainer in order to keep their teeth in place.

Fixed braces are a popular choice for many patients because they tend to be more effective at correcting certain dental issues than other types of braces. 

For teenagers who are more conscious about the about the appearance of fixed braces, there are optional cosmetic brackets to blend in with the colour of the teeth,

How much do braces cost for teenagers?

To keep this treatment affordable, we ensure our brace prices are highly competitive compared to other specialist orthodontists in London, we even offer 0% Interest Free credit to help spread the cost.

Treatment Cost
Fixed orthodontics
from £1,850

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Teenager orthodontics team

Dr Nadia Hikmat

Dr Nadia Hikmat

Specialist orthodontist – GDC No 177467

Our highly skilled orthodontics team at Toothbeary is led by our specialist orthodontist Dr Nadia Hikmat.

Nadia has over 13 years extensive experience in dentistry. She attained her Membership in Orthodontics with the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and achieved a Masters in Orthodontics from King’s College London. She is experienced in Damon braces, Invisalign® and certified in the use of the Win and Forestadent 2D lingual brace system.

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Once your course of orthodontic treatment is finished, teeth may tend to drift back towards their pre-treatment state. Allowing this to occur, which is known as “relapse”, should ideally be avoided.

Retention is a key part of orthodontic treatment and is essential for maintaining long term stability. We recognise that it is one of the most challenging facets of adequate  care.

At Toothbeary, we utilise both removable and fixed retainers. With removable retainers, these are usually crafted using a thin sheet of transparent plastic, which is formed to the shape of the teeth to wear during sleep.

With the fixed retainer option, these are customised wires bonded to the inner surfaces of the upper and lower front teeth, providing a subtle and discreet effect.

Certain dental conditions are more likely to relapse, including misaligned teeth like twisted, overlapping, or spaced teeth. Likewise, particular treatments such as arch widening and moving lower incisors forward may also be at risk of relapsing.

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“Thank you Toothbeary, every person we dealt with was full of compassion and had my child’s best interest at heart. My child was anxious about seeing the dentist and I was anxious about the sedation, everything went by smoothly and within a few hours my child was back to his old self. We are very grateful to have found Toothbeary, you went above and beyond and gave sound advice for the future and how we can introduce my youngest to good dental health. Thank you!”

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Child and parent satisfaction is very important to us

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Positive Experience

Our unique approach to treating your child is designed around building trust and confidence through positive experiences so we can promote and reinforce good oral hygiene habits whilst instilling the need to care for their own teeth.

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