Paediatric space maintainers

If you looking for a trusted, highly rated and experienced specialist children's dentist in London offering top quality and affordable space maintainers for kids, we can help.

The primary molars maintain the space for the permanent teeth. If a primary molar is lost prematurely, fixed or removable space maintainers can take over this important function.

Fixed space maintainer

A fixed space maintainer is made of non‐allergic stainless steel and permanently attached to the neighbouring teeth. Once the permanent tooth grows into the space, the maintainer will be removed.

Removable space maintainer

A removable space maintainer should be worn at least 14 hrs (mostly during the night). Following the extraction, an impression will be taken and sent to a dental laboratory.

The removable space maintainer will be custom made and your child will be able to choose a colour. If desired, a false tooth can be added (aesthetic space maintainer).

How much do children's space maintainers cost?

We have ensured our prices are extremely competitive when compared to other specialist paediatric dentists in London.

Our space maintainer prices therefore start from £175.

Space Maintainers Toothbeary

Why choose Toothbeary space maintainers for kids?

Our hugely experienced female led paediatric dental team are extremely proud to have built up an excellent reputation as one of neLondon's most trusted and top rated children's dentists.

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