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The first treatment decision in young patients with one or more badly decayed teeth is whether to retain or extract these teeth. In most cases primary teeth can be saved by performing a pulpotomy, a method which removes the infected nerve tissue in the crown of the tooth, while the nerve in the root of the tooth remains vital.

After a pulpotomy, the tooth will need some structural support and a tight cover that protects the tooth from bacteria. This is achieved by using a crown. These can be silver (stainless steel) or white (zirconia).

Both types will be cemented onto the tooth and remain until the tooth will naturally exfoliate. They can be fitted in a single appointment as they are pre-manufactured and can be amended and shaped to ensure a tight fit.

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We are proud to be a multi-award winning children's dentist in Richmond, London with a fantastic 5 star rating from our clients.

We continue to strive to provide the very best in affordable and first class dental care and service, including our root canal treatments.

Endodontist Reviewed by Jalena Simon on "Toothbeary are great. My 8 year old daughter had a very bad fracture to her adult front teeth and so our local dentist recommended Toothbeary. I emailed them in the early hours of the morning and that very morning I received a reassuring call from Sam saying a dentist would see my daughter that afternoon and the lovely Dr Esther did a Pulpotomy on both teeth. Sam, Dr Esther, and all the wonderful staff members who attended my daughter on that appointment, and every follow up appointment since, have been so amazing with the genuine care and treatment they have shown my daughter, and I cannot thank them enough. They even called to see how my daughter was feeling/recovering during appointements definitely recommend Toothbeary for children. The whole surgery is clean, child friendly and welcoming."
Rating: 5

Jalena Simon

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