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Dr Efthymia Chalvatzoglou

GDC No 291960

Associate Dentist

DDS, MSc in Peadiatric Dentistry

Working with children has always been a passion for Efthymia – since she gained a bachelor’s degree as a Primary level’s education teacher. After graduating in 2009, she continued her studies in Dental School and received a title of Doctor of Dental Surgery. Her passion for children dentistry led her to continue her studies in a 3-year full time Postgraduate specialist training program at University of Thessaloniki, Greece, where she gained experience and practical skills in treating children with a special health care needs.

Efthymia strongly believes in Paediatric dentistry that aims at educating children and their parents in oral hygiene routines and providing the best solutions for their oral health concerns and problems. Working at Toothbeary is a perfect place to use her skills and knowledge to improve the smiles of their very many patients.

Efthymia’s enthusiasm and positive attitude make her very popular amongst other team members and patients at Toothbeary.


Training and background

My first degree was that of a primary education teacher. Later on, I entered dental school in Aristotle university of Thessaloniki Greece where I graduated and continued my dental studies with the MSc in Peadiatric dentistry.

Areas of speciality/knowledge/skills

Providing a full range of dental treatment to children and patients with special health care needs.

Cultivating a positive attitude towards dentistry to young and to anxious patients, desensitizing them in the dental environment. Patients and families counselling on dietary habits, growth and development of teeth, training in oral hygiene practices.

Treatments carried out by Efthymia


Teamwork is a key element in all professionals but especially in paediatric dentistry. Dr Nicole has been an amazing and supporting principal dentist that inspires every dentist to reach the best of their abilities. Dr Esther and Dr Anmy have been the cornerstones in making me feel part of the team and that Toothbeary is my dental family in the UK, generously providing their support.

Outside of work

I am enjoying cooking, hiking, traveling and reading. A huge cinema fan.

Professional memberships

Child and parent satisfaction is very important to us

Positive Experience

Our unique approach to treating your child is designed around building trust and confidence through positive experiences so we can promote and reinforce good oral hygiene habits whilst instilling the need to care for their own teeth.

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