The New Toothbeary Patient Journey

If you or anyone at home have any of the symptoms of Covid-19/Coronavirus, please let us know as soon as you can; do not attend your appointment and follow the government guidelines around self-isolation

Before your visit

To ensure you and your child have a smooth visit we will call you to confirm the appointment at least a day before and will ask you some questions about your general health.

On the day of the visit

Because of the current circumstances, we ask that where possible, you and your child visit the lavatory before leaving home and make sure that you are hydrated. Please bring only essential items for you and your child.

Following social distancing recommendations, please ensure you arrive on time and attend the appointment with only one parent or legal guardian. Please do not bring any additional family members/siblings, unless essential.

Only card payments will be accepted and please feel reassured that the card machine is disinfected before and after each use.

Entering the practice

For the safety of everyone, our reception team may ask you some questions regarding your general health. They will also kindly ask you to sanitise your hands at the entrance.

Everyone at the practice will follow the same protocol.

We have adapted our work schedule to minimise the number of people in the building at the same time. We have created more waiting areas and placed markers on the floor to ensure social distancing is maintained. For the time being toys or magazine will not be available.

My visit at Toothbeary

Your visit at Toothbeary might seem different at the moment, but as always, we are happy to see you and help you.

We are currently doing things a bit different to ensure we keep you safe.

When you arrive, we will ask you and your parents to clean your hands with a special gel.

Toothbeary dentist in PPE

Our waiting room might seem more empty than usual.

Your lovely nurse and friendly dentist will be wearing special clothes. These special clothes help to keep germs away.

Some people think they look like superheroes when they wear this! Others think they look like astronauts or wizards. What do you think?

Even if your dentist and nurse look different, they are very friendly and will look after you.

If there is anything you would like us to know before you come in, please tell your parents and they can tell us, or you can write it down and bring it with you when you come to see us.

We look forward to seeing you!

Your Toothbeary team