Toothbrushing school

The Toothbrushing School is carried out in our preventative spa, this is a relaxed, fun and open environment where children are able to experiment and trial different oral hygiene techniques in order to help them decide what works best for them.

The main purpose behind the Toothbrushing school is for us to provide a tailored oral hygiene routine specially designed for your child. This will allow them to easily and successfully keep a clean and healthy mouth by enabling them to keep plaque level low which is one of the most fundamental preventative skills that a child can learn.

We start the Toothbrushing school by disclosing your child’s teeth. This is where a blue solution is painted on all tooth surfaces to highlight the plaque present in their mouth. We can then identify the plaque levels and any areas that may need a little more attention.

We go through the method of:


We will teach and assist the children and parents how to successfully use the floss. This should be carried out daily from the age of 3-4. The floss should be clicked or wiggled in-between all teeth that sat closely together to prevent the development of approximal carries.

Tooth brushing

During the Toothbrushing school, we demonstrate and practice together the modified bass brushing technique, this is the most effective method to keep the teeth clean and the gums healthy. We advise to brush twice a day, to use a manual toothbrush in the morning and a rechargeable electric toothbrush in the evening. Brushing should take place after breakfast and before bed, each brush lasting 2 to 3 minutes.


We will discuss with you the most suitable toothpaste for your child. We recommend age appropriate fluoride-based toothpaste due to the evidence-based research showing its positive caries reducing effect. It is important for the child to learn the correct amount of toothpaste to use and not to rinse after brushing. The ‘spit don’t rinse’ method allows the fluoride to work topically on the tooth surface and strengthen the enamel.


We also discuss the use of mouthwash. Mouthwash should be used as an addition to brushing, not an alternative. It can be used once the child is over 6 years old, once a day and at a different time to brushing, as it contains less fluoride than toothpaste. It is important to ensure that the mouthwash is alcohol-free.

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"Great children’s dentist! My three kids love coming. As dental hygiene became something completely natural to them, due to our regular visits and the ‘tooth brushing school’, their teeth are in an excellent condition. Thanks Toothbeary Team!"

Susanne Manthey


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