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Scale and Polish for your child’s teeth at our dentist in London

Once your child has finished at the Toothbrushing School and learnt how best to keep their teeth clean and gums healthy, they will have a scale and polish. Prior to this we show the child all equipment, explain how it all works and what it does, then they choose a flavoured polish.

Once the child is feeling comfortable and relaxed, we will begin the clean. We mainly use handscales or sometimes an ultrasonic scaler to remove microbial plaque, calculus and extrinsic staining that is present in the mouth. The teeth will then be polished with flavoured paste and a little brush to create a smooth, shiny, bacteria-free tooth surface.

Finally, a topical fluoride varnish is applied to the teeth to help to keep the enamel strong and resistant to caries. It is beneficial for children to have a regular scale and polish to aid with prevention of caries and gum inflammation.

It is also important for young or nervous children to have a regular scale and polish so that they can become acclimatised to the dental environment and familiar with equipment.

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