Inhalation sedation for
children in London

Toothbeary offers inhalation sedation to help your child to relax during dental treatment. Inhalation sedation involves the use of a nitrous oxide and oxygen mixture (Laughing Gas), which is delivered through a little nasal mask, reduces the sense of pain and increases the acceptance of treatment, including for example the administration of local anaesthesia.

Our dental team is skillfully backed up by our sedation expert, Dr Will Botha (General Medical Council No: 6082094), who has been involved in medical sedation since 2005.

Inhalation sedation is very safe, has no side effects and your child remains fully conscious and responsive during the treatment.

We also are proud to have hypnotherapist Sharon Waxkirsh as part of our team. Sharon is highly renowned for dental hypnosis to assist adults and children with a variety of issues such as: dental phobia, bruxism, anxiety, hypno-analgesia and hypno-sedation.

Sharon is the co-founder of The Institute of Hypnotherapy for Medical & Dental Practice (IHMDP) and has appeared on many radio shows, national and international newspapers.

Kids consious sedation review via Google My Business

Nervous patients Reviewed by Victoria Quinn"A fantastic paediatric dental practice. The staff are incredible and make going to the dentist a fun experience for kids. The waiting room has an amazing selection of toys (which we didn’t really need to use as we were seen to swiftly). My children loved the “cleaning spa” & learnt how to brush their teeth / floss correctly.

My son had a terrible toothache and needed dental surgery under conscious sedation. The team were very understanding and did their utmost to get us seen as quickly as possible. The dentist explained to me what our different options are in a clear way. After I reached a decision she provided me with tons of information and even gave my son a book on what to expect on the day.

On the day of surgery the dentist, anaesthetists and nurses were excellent at communicating with me about what will happen before, during and after surgery. The experienced staff provided us with a lot of comfort and reassurance throughout.

At the end of each visit children are rewarded with a gold coin that can be used to receive a prize. It was such a positive experience. My children can’t wait to go back!"
Rating: 5

Inhalation Sedation Toothbeary Richmond

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