Emergency Dentist For Kids in London

If you need an experienced children's emergency dentist in London who can provide urgent, expert and friendly care for your child then we can help.

Benefit from our highly rated and experienced paediatric emergency dental team which is led by our director and principal dentist, Dr Nicole Sturzenbaum (GDC No. 103947).

Nicole has over 19 years extensive children's dentistry experience and her vision of high standard dentistry within a child orientated environment is encapsulated here atToothbeary.

We can usually provide same day emergency treatment for your child. Please call us on 020 8831 6870 as quickly as possible to request an emergency slot.

What can you expect during an emergency visit

Your child will be treated just as we would expect our own children to be treated in a dental emergency - with compassion, patience, understanding and a real calming influence.

Our award winning specialist emergency dentist for kids in Richmond helps hundreds of children every year with dental emergencies so we know all the tips and techniques to help them beat their pain and recover quickly.

Emergency Dentist Reviews from Google My Business
Emergency dentistReviewed by G vafaey
"I can't thank toothbeary enough for everything they have done for my son. He was suffering from very bad tooth pain with two of his teeth. He was in so much pain. The other dentist I saw before just dismissed his pain and just filled in the holes.

Our dentist was incredible she made my son and myself feel calm and put an action plan into place ASAP. The next day we came back for treatment and he had two teeth removed and a filling and crown. The whole process went so smoothly. Everyone was brilliant with my son. I’m never going to take my children anywhere else now I’ve found toothbeary. I’ve booked my daughter for an appointment.

Thank you so so much. Gemma"

Rating: 5


"There are not enough words to describe the staff, their attitude, knowledge and patience.

Recently my son Toby who is 5 fell ill. After several attempts to see our doctor and attending a minor walk in center. Toothbeary was able to make space for an emergency appointment.

Toothbeary's receptionist especially Sam, their nurses who are not only just there for the patient but also the parents, and especially the senior staff members saved the life of my son.

There was an un ruled diagnosis of a tooth abscess but after seeing these super stars my son was fast tracked straight to Saint George's hospital.

My son ended up having emergency surgery to remove a bacterial sis.

I was told if it had been left for another week I would of been arranging his funeral due to the speed the abscess was growing. Toothbeary's staff saved my son's life. I will highly recommend them. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

But a massive thank you to Dr Nicole Sturzenbaum

You saved our Son"

Aidan Robinson


"Always a great experience, our son and daughter have been cared for in the practice since 2007 and every time we have had exceptional care from the whole team. Our children have had preventative care, emergency care and braces. Each time treatments have all been carefully explained to help get the best possible results.

The team have kept their great standard day after day on each one of our many visits. Thanks Toothbeary."

Andre Morelli