Mother of a 12 year old boy
My son has high functioning autism, sensory processing disorder and as a result of this was extremely anxious about his treatment. The staff were incredibly patient and managed to coax what must have been an extremely difficult patient into accepting the sedative. Everyone was amazing – thank you very much!
Result: One happy boy with a lovely smile
Mother of 5.5 year old girl and 9 year old boy
They are like super nannies! They have a solution for every child, I can tell since my daughter is really shy and nervous and my son his hyper. They know exactly what to do! No dental practice has been this great.
Mother of an 8 year old boy
My precious 8 year old son, who has a diagnosis of Autism required urgent dental treatment which included extraction and fillings. The treatment went ahead as planned under sedation, with the highest standard of profession and after care service which included me having the mobile contact numbers of the dentist and her team. A first class service was provided, only the best will do for my son.
Mother of a 15 year old boy
My son suffers from anxiety and panic attacks. It was therefore hard to find a dentist we could trust. But when we found that Toothbeary offered special care to nervous patients, we booked straight away. And no regrets – absolutely fantastic work!
Mother of 5 year old Archie
All the staff are very friendly and helpful. Archie was very anxious to start with but now doesn’t mind going to the dentist. I would highly recommend Toothbeary to anyone.
Mother of 3 year old Joshua
Our experience at Toothbeary was very positive and Joshua is no longer worried about coming to the dentist – he actually looked forward to his next visit.
Father of a 6 year boy
From the moment we walked into the practice my child was comfortable. He loves the dentist despite the extensive dental work done. All the staff (especially Sam the nurse) were amazing and so attentive. They catered to all his needs. I would recommend this practice to anyone who wants their child well taken care of.
Father of a 4 year old boy
Very helpful and exceptionally caring staff.
Mother of a 7 year old boy
Absolutely great staff, advice and care. Made my son feel relaxed and happy to be at the dentist. Would highly recommend to anyone.
Mother of a 2 year old girl
I was quite worried and concerned about the treatment, given my little girl’s age. But everything went very smoothly and so much better than I imagined it would. The staff were very kind, took a lot of time to explain everything thoroughly and were extremely patient and child friendly throughout.
Mother of 12 year old Lucy
The whole experience from first contacting the surgery was fantastic. The staff were amazing with Lucy, and when she had the extraction it was quick and painless. We would wholeheartedly recommend Toothbeary. Thank you.
Sara, mother of 6.5 year old Freya
From start to finish dealt with in a professional, efficient manner with care and sensitivity shown towards my daughter. Therefore making the process relatively easy and painless. Mu daughter, Freya is now looking forward to the time she has her ‘brace’ fitted!!! Many thanks.
Father of 3 year old Joshua
Our experience at Toothbeary was very positive and Joshua is no longer worried about coming to the dentist. He is actually looking forward to his next visit.
Mother of a 4 year old twin
Outstanding! The nurses are incredible and they really know how to take care of children!
Father of an 11 year old girl
We were very happy with our experience at Toothbeary. My daughter was very nervous and all the staff were so friendly and caring that it made it very easy. She didn’t feel a thing. Nicole inspired confidence in both of us and was very gentle. I recommend Toothbeary highly.
Mother of a 5 year old boy
For the first time in ages I could relax while my child was being taken care of. Thank you so much!
Mother of a 2.5 year old girl
The treatment was well explained and there were no surprises on the day. Everything went smoothly without any complications. Altogether a good experience for child and parents which I would recommend to anybody who has small or difficult children with teeth problems. The service provided is as described on the webpage: "you see what you get". Well done!!!
Parents of a 7 year old girl
Mark and I are so happy that we finally found a dental practice that specialises in children’s dental care. It’s a fun environment for the kids too!