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Nicole attended the AAPD conference in Honolulu In May 2018 Nicole attended the AAPD conference in Honolulu.
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Dental Pulp Banking

Toothbeary are excited to offer you a new service in partnership with Future Health Biobank the leading company in Dental Pulp Banking.

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are the building blocks of the blood and immune system and have the potential of being used to replace damaged or diseased cells anywhere in the body.

Why store dental pulp cells?

The centre of a tooth is a reservoir of cells. Future Health will extract the dental pulp cells from the centre of the tooth at their laboratory, process and prepare for storage.

Collecting and preserving a sample of dental pulp cells is, therefore, a perfect opportunity to capture these vital cells so that they can be held as a unique biological insurance which one day might help to save your life should you ever contract a serious illness or medical condition.

Dental pulp cells can be harvested in a non-invasive manner, unlike bone marrow and peripheral blood stem cell collection.

What can they be used for?

These precious cells have regenerative potential and can convert themselves into an array of different types of cells. They are considered to be naïve and this characteristic could allow them to adapt and repair cells such as joints, muscles, bone and nerves.

The processes used by Future Health to store dental pulp have been shown to result in the banking of live cells. Future Health is currently undertaking further validation studies to prove that the dental pulp cells stored are MSCs which retain their ability to differentiate into different tissue types including bone, cartilage and fat after the samples have been frozen. Future Health is not able to guarantee that the dental pulp sample stored contains stem cells and the number and quality of these cells.

How much will it cost?

Total cost of the service is £1,705.50 (This includes a 10% discount for Toothbeary patients. Normal price £1,895.00).

There is an initial deposit of £265.50 and then the balance of £1,440.00 is payable on the successful storage of the tooth*. Alternatively, you can choose to spread the balance over 6 or 12 monthly interest-free instalments.

*A £69 yearly storage fee is applicable on this package.

For more information contact the practice on 020 8831 6870 or visit the Future Health website.