What age should kids floss?

What age should kids floss is one of the most common questions we get asked at our unique and specialist kids dental clinic.

Children's teeth can grow in a tightly crowded manner causing an increased risk of tooth decay between adjacent teeth, known as approximal caries. These interproximal spaces are too narrow for the toothbrush and create a trap where bacteria can hide.

To prevent the development of approximal caries it is important that you start flossing when your child is 4 years old.

Our highly experienced preventative team is always on hand to assist and guide, and will happily teach parents and children how to use dental floss properly.

Learn to floss at our Toothbrushing School

Our relaxed, fun and open Toothbrushing School is carried out in our preventative spa where children are able to experiment and trial different oral hygiene techniques in order to help them decide what works best for them.

We also teach and assist the children and parents how to successfully use the floss. The floss should be clicked or wiggled in-between all teeth that sat closely together to prevent the development of approximal carries.

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Dental flossing spa review via Google My Business

Dental flossingReviewed by Victoria Quinn"A fantastic paediatric dental practice. The staff are incredible and make going to the dentist a fun experience for kids. The waiting room has an amazing selection of toys (which we didn’t really need to use as we were seen to swiftly). My children loved the “cleaning spa” & learnt how to brush their teeth / floss correctly.

My son had a terrible toothache and needed dental surgery under conscious sedation. The team were very understanding and did their utmost to get us seen as quickly as possible.

The dentist explained to me what our different options are in a clear way. After I reached a decision she provided me with tons of information and even gave my son a book on what to expect on the day.

On the day of surgery the dentist, anaesthetists and nurses were excellent at communicating with me about what will happen before, during and after surgery. The experienced staff provided us with a lot of comfort and reassurance throughout.

At the end of each visit children are rewarded with a gold coin that can be used to receive a prize. It was such a positive experience.

My children can’t wait to go back!"

Rating: 5


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