Welcome to Toothbeary - Your Private Children's Dentist

A Children-Only Dental Practice

Exclusively for 0-18 years old, Toothbeary has been designed
specifically with children in mind − from colourful murals and child
friendly benches, to the very latest in dental care technology. We
work closely with parents to help them make informed decisions
on behalf of their children.

Paediatric Dental Treatments

Our patients and parents alike will be happy to learn of the modern, comprehensive, pain-free techniques we have available at Toothbeary. We work with all children from birth to eighteen, and make sure every treatment is as gentle, effective and stress-free as possible.

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Orthodontics for Children

At Toothbeary, we understand the importance of the application and monitoring of your child’s braces. Our practice of orthodontics ensures we give your child’s teeth, lips and jaws their correct alignment and therefore achieve the perfect facial balance and smile.

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Preventive Dentistry for Children

At Toothbeary, our mission is to protect young teeth and prevent decay. Our Professional Preventive Programme has been developed to motivate children – working with each child to take care of their teeth and develop good long lasting habits for the future.

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